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No peace. Silence is maddening. Know peace. Violence is shattering.  No silence. No Violence. Life on everyone else’s terms. Never my own. 


The Hole

There’s a hole in my soul and the role of this hole is to control what I’m seeing and to consume my being it keeps me from freeing the drole from my Bowl of life and times in these rhymes… Continue Reading →

Somewhere in my mind

Somewhere in my mind there’s a rhyme it wants to come out but I really have doubt about it coming out into reality out of mentality judging from the nervousness it might be my anxiety but when I let it… Continue Reading →


I can no longer contain Nor can I explain This unstoppable pain No more can I hide Nor would I try To splint my pride Melancholy sadness Wary gladness Collide. I see through the rain Dense fog doesn’t contain The… Continue Reading →

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